A Tulsa man is recovering from 32 stab wounds. He says two men kicked in his front door and demanded cash.

The victim told his father-in-law, Manuel Lopez, when he got home the men were already inside of his house. They immediately jumped him, started demanding cash and started stabbing him.

Reporter Lori Fullbright: “You wonder were they bleeding or is that his blood?"

Lopez: "I don't know."

Fullbright: "There's a lot of it."

Lopez says the two men left a trail of blood after they left his son-in-law's house, even hiding in a shed next door, leaving more blood on it and under a nearby tree.

He says his daughter heard the stabbing over the phone.

"There was a guy in the background, saying, ‘We don't want to kill you amigo; we just want your cash,’" said Lopez.

Lopez believes the two men dragged his son-in-law, Antonio Soto, through the house because the blood trail leads from the living room to a back bedroom, to the laundry room, then the garage.

He says the men searched through drawers and cut open mattresses. He says they stabbed Soto in the chest, neck, head, ears, face and arms and broke one of his arms in two places.

"Antonio is a very good man,” said Lopez. “He tries to help out his community.”

Manuel says he and his family love living in North Tulsa but says those who are committing violent crimes, must go.

"Our neighborhood, our neighbors, we gotta wake up and get these people off the streets, regardless of if they're family,” said Lopez. “If they're friends, if they're frightened, get them off the streets because it's going to happen to them."

If you have any information about this case, you can call Crime Stoppers and stay anonymous. That number is 918-596-COPS.