PAWNEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Pawnee County man has a warning for hunters after someone broken into his home and stole 10 guns.

Colin Berg said he was driving home in his company truck from work when he noticed his personal truck was missing and a lot of his hunting equipment was gone ahead of a weekend hunting trip with his son.

“It’s really devastating to realize that someone has broken into your house,” Berg said.

Berg has lived in his Pawnee County home for 18 years and said he was in shock when he came home from work last Thursday.

“When I pulled up in my driveway, I immediately knew something was wrong because my garage door was wide open,” Berg said.

His personal truck, along with 10 guns and some other hunting equipment, were taken and several rooms were left in shambles.

“They went after the stuff that was easy to grab a hold of and worth money and that other people would want,” Berg said.

Berg said he immediately reported the stolen items to the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office and hopes they will show up somewhere because most of them were gifts to his son, Preston.

“They've got serial numbers so hopefully they will pop somewhere down the road,” Berg said.

And a lot of the equipment that was taken was going to be used during a weekend hunting trip with his son, but luckily, some of Berg's friends came to the rescue.

“I had half a dozen people say I can meet you with a gun,” Berg said. “’What else do you guys need?’”

Berg's son was able to harvest a doe and a buck in western Oklahoma, showing that not everything can be taken away.

“That’s the best feeling in the world that you've got friends like that and that’s just Oklahoma,” Berg said.

Berg said he believes the person or people who burglarized his home were looking for specific hunting equipment, so he wants to warn other hunters to stay cognizant.

“Just for other hunters that enjoy doing what I do, just know that someone could be watching you and they might pick you out and it might be your house next,” Berg said.

Berg's truck was recovered in city limits by the Tulsa Police Department.

The Pawnee County Sheriff's Office is investigating and said the suspect is still on the run.

If you have any information, call their office at 918-762-2565.