TULSA, Oklahoma - In Oklahoma, 35 car crashes out of every 100 involve alcohol - and that number is even higher during the holidays.

That's why AAA had a contest Monday for bartenders to create their best non-alcoholic drinks.

It’s a fun event with a serious message - that it’s possible to go out during the holidays and have a festive drink and still be safe to drive.

Ten bartenders and mixologists whipped up their best tasting, most creative creations, with names like Ho, Ho Hold the booze cider, Appley-ever After and Snowcapped Crantini.

Five judges scored for appearance, taste and originality of the drink.

Not only were cash prizes and bragging rights on the line, but also a chance to help people celebrate the holidays responsibly.

"If you don't make a plan before you go out, you're gonna make the wrong choice," said Lieutenant Erik Smooth with ABLE.

Some of the choices are using Uber, taxis, Tipsy Tow or Lyft, and, of course, a designated driver, which is the focus of the event.

AAA will publish all the recipes and send them to every bar in Oklahoma.

It's important to remember that the designated driver is not the person who drank the least, it's the person who had no alcoholic beverages at all, and these drinks make that easier than ever.