OKLAHOMA CITY - A budget plan is heading to Governor Mary Fallin's desk right now after 53 days of a special session. 

Friday, the Senate signed off on a budget bill that includes deep cuts to bridge a $215 million budget hole.

The bill passed in the house of representatives earlier this week, and in the Senate this morning.  After a lot of fighting, there is one thing all lawmakers seem to agree on.  This is a bad fix to an even worse budget crisis.

The bill cuts $60 million from most state agencies.  The good news, one of the more dire consequences of not passing the budget were avoided.  The Advantage Waiver Program and SoonerCare will not be cut, for example.  The downside, the state dipped into a lot of one-time money, leaving less money to bridge what's expected to be a half billion dollar budget shortfall in February. 

"Next session does not look good from here.  We're in a hole but that's not new though.  Unfortunately," said Majority Floor Leader Sen. Great Treat.
The ball is now in the governor's court.  

Legislative leaders say she was in talks and agreed to this budget proposal.  But she has also said she does not want a budget bill filled with one-time money.  She is not commenting on whether she will sign off on the budget fix or veto it.