TULSA, Oklahoma - Cherry Street in Tulsa is seeing a lot of changes as new restaurants are opening and some long-time businesses are expanding.

That includes Andolini’s, which has plans to expand after buying the space next door - just one example of a handful of new business developments happening along the corridor.

“This street is just booming. I think when I opened in 2002 there might've been maybe ten restaurants on this street and now if you can count them it’s over 30,” said Kilkenny’s owner, Brett Rehorn.

Rehorn is opening a new venture along Cherry Street, Nola's Creole and Cocktails, which will have a 1920s prohibition speakeasy feel.

“It brings more people to the street when a new concept opens,” he said. “They'll come down and try the new place and then be like, 'Wow, we didn’t know this Irish pub was here,’ or Cajun restaurant was here.”

On almost every block there is a new restaurant with one of those different concepts.

The owner of Andolini's - a Cherry Street staple - just bought the space next door in order to expand.

“We've been looking forward to having this space ever since we opened Cherry Street and it was just a juggernaut of having a line out the door,” owner Mike Bausch said.

Other old spaces are being repurposed after sitting empty – and a few now empty spaces could be spoken for soon.

“Andolini’s loves Cherry Street. We started in Owasso and took it to another level with Cherry Street, so anything we can do to add things to the experience of Cherry Street, then we are very interested in doing this,” Bausch said.

Rehorn said, “It’s busy, and a great street, and plenty of terrific. It will be great.”

Nola's hopes to open its doors in December or January.