TULSA, Oklahoma - Groups all across the area are opening their doors today to people who don't have a place to spend the holiday. 

Volunteers started serving dinner at Victory Bible College around 11:30 a.m.

Pastors at Victory say the volunteers have been preparing food over the last two days and they started cooking all the fixings Thursday morning. 

The brunch started with 20 minutes of prayer and worship then everyone started lining up to eat. 

Church leaders say the dinner is for anyone needing a place to spend Thanksgiving, whether they're homeless or just spending the day alone.

Pastors Joshua and Maria Clinkscales woke up early this morning to get out the word that this was happening.

"Pastor Joshua and I went to the neighborhood apartments and we gave the invitation to the manager to say if people have nowhere to go, they're more than happy to join us," said Pastor Maria Clinkscales. 

The dinner continues until 1 p.m. so there's still time to get out to Victory Bible College.