TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa police officer's car hit an SUV Sunday morning.

Around 6:12 a.m., a Tulsa Police Department officer was on her way to a squad meeting, police said.

She was traveling west on 11th Street in the 11900 block of East 11th Street when she hit a vehicle.

Dash-camera footage from the officer's vehicle shows she was traveling a proper speed at the time of the collision, police said.

The officer hit a Nissan Xterra that was attempting to make a left turn from a stop sign, police said.

The officer and the SUV's driver were transported to a local hospital in non-life-threatening condition.

The SUV's driver will be issued a ticket for failing to yield from a stop sign, police said.

Both drivers were wearing their seat belts.

Editor's note: This article previously stated the SUV involved in the collision was a Toyota 4Runner, based on police information. The article has been corrected to reflect that the vehicle involved was a Nissan Xterra.