KEETONVILLE HILL, Oklahoma - Firefighters were able to keep a wind-driven brush fire from spreading to a home in Keetonville Sunday afternoon. 

Firefighters believe that it all started with someone burning in the area.  And due to the windy weather, they say it wasn't long before the fire got out of control. 

"We have a fire that got out of control and it's burned up into the neighbor’s property," said Limestone Fire Chief Carl Smith.  

Bright orange flames and plumes of smoke rushed Smith and his crews to a Keetonville home Sunday afternoon.

"I believe someone in the area was burning and it just got out of hand," Smith said. 

The brush fire spread 20 acres up a hill, threatening a family's home. The windy weather made the flames difficult for firefighters to contain. 

"It burned uphill, it's gone through an 8-foot high chain linked fence. There's no gates in the fence, so it's been difficult getting across the fence,” Smith said. 

It took just over 3 hours for firefighters to bring the blaze under control.  Crews were able to keep the fire from doing major damage to the home. 

But with more windy weather on the way, Smith wants to warn others to take precaution.

"If they want to burn, call us first. Let us know they're burning. That gives us a heads up. If the wind's blowing please don't burn. Wait until a better date and a better time," he said. 

Smith said the fire caused minor damage to the back of the home. 

No injuries were reported.