ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A woman is dead after a crash on what neighbors call a dangerous stretch of road in Rogers County.

The crash ended at an electric pole near the intersection of NS 4150 and EW 420, right across from Jacob Jarrell’s home. The man said he ran outside as soon as he heard the crash.

"I was hearing them yell for a crowbar, so I ran over to my shop and got a crowbar and came back to the car because we tried to get the hood open because the motor was still running," he said.

Jarrell said he's seen wrecks on the road before, but never been this bad.

"Another citizen ran around the car to check her pulse and couldn't find one, and that's when I started hearing emergency vehicles," Jarrell said. “And I pretty much just stepped back at that point, and it was really rough."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said 41-year-old Trulie Kay Humphrey, was leaving Duck Pond Circle, turning onto north Owalla Road, in her Toyota Avalon when a 25-year-old man in a 2011 Dodge Ram T-boned her on the driver’s side.

Humphrey died instantly. The man and children in the truck - ages 15 months and 3-years-old - weren't hurt.

OHP said they don't believe she stopped at the stop sign. They are also checking to see how fast the truck was driving.

Trooper Brad Debell said, "You know, it was your textbook T-bone crash right here. You got hit right on the driver’s door and, you know, if it would have been a little bit forward, or a little bit behind she probably would have went to the hospital but she would probably still be alive."

Jarrell said something similar happened down the road six months ago, but everyone survived.

"Car was flying down this road and another car was trying to come off their neighborhood and clipped them," he said.

"A lot of these trees get in the way and people can't see coming off these side roads. And as more and more people move out here, we've got new houses here, we've got a new trailer right here, a new trailer over here, and the more people come out here, the more traffic and cars there's going to be…They need to clear it up or make it to where people can actually see these other people coming down the road,” Jarrell said.

OHP said the crash is still under investigation and, right now, they're not sure if they'll issue any citations.