TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa pooch was featured on UPS Dogs, a Facebook page devoted to man's best friend - as seen by those folks in brown uniforms who bring us packages.

UPS drivers snap photos of some of the dogs that greet them on their daily rounds. The Facebook page says: UPS drivers deliver packages all day long. During each day, drivers encounter many dogs, most friendly and some not so nice. When time permits, drivers snap a photo and send it in to UPS Dogs. Photos with a caption should be sent to: upsdogs@gmail.com.

Baxter, a shop dog in Tulsa was featured on the page Sunday, November 26. He posed in the back of a UPS delivery truck where his owner said he knows he'll get treats for wagging his tail. 

The page has over 800,000 followers. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram for your daily dose of cute!