TULSA, Oklahoma - “I just want to make sure he's safe and he's not out there getting hurt,” said Monica Malave.

Malave is a U.S. Navy sailor who was traveling back to California from Missouri when they stopped in Catoosa to get food on December 1st.

They said their dog, Hades, was spooked by something and took off near the highway.

“My husband tried to chase after him and he couldn't catch up to him,” said Malave. 

She and her husband, Jason, even stayed an extra day trying to find Hades.

“We stayed up all night trying to find him and we even squeaked his squeaky toy trying to find him,” said Monica.

Hades is Jason's emotional support dog. He says he really helps comfort him while his wife is on deployment.

“It helps having him around the house while she's gone, and we just got here not too long ago so I don't really know anybody,” said Jason.

They say Hades is very friendly and it's unlike him to run off.

“He is the sweetest thing,” said Monica. “We got him from the shelter in August and I have never met a dog like that in my life.”

And Monica says she hopes they can find him before she is deployed in January.

“I just don't know how I'm going to deal with it, knowing he's out there while I'm on deployment,” said Monica.

To them, Hades is family.

“I would be so happy if someone brought him back,” said Monica.

Hades is a brown and black Dutch Shepard Rotti. 

If you know his whereabouts, please contact Monica at 808-388-6161 or Jason at 573-586-6285.