SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A Sapulpa man is in the Tulsa County jail after Sand Springs Police say he head-butted an officer while being arrested.

Michael Massey was booked on complaints including DUI, assault and battery on a police officer and failure to yield following a traffic stop just before 1 p.m. on Saturday, December 16th.

Police say Massey was placed in an isolation cell in the jail due to his "extreme combative behavior."

Police got a call about a white van driving erratically northbound on Highway 97.  Officers tried to pull the van over, but according to Massey's arrest report, he kept on driving and didn't stop until coming to a dead end near a convenience store in the 100 block of North Wilson.

In that report, police said Massey admitted to having several drinks before driving and during his arrest struggled with the officer, injuring Massey's eye.

Once they got Massey to the jail, police say Michael Massey refused to get out of the patrol car and was hitting the passenger door window with his head.

The arrest report doesn't mention how badly the officer was hurt during the assault.

Creek County court records show Michael Massey was convicted for DUI and resisting arrest in 2016 and given a 10 year deferred sentenced.