BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The City of Broken Arrow has released the results of a survey asking residents what the city does right and what can be done better.

More than 2,500 households responded to the survey. One of the areas that residents and business owners said they liked are the developments in the Rose District, while others said improvements to traffic are at the top of their list.

"It's getting to be a very popular city and the growth rate has been astronomical over the last couple of years compared to when I first moved here," said Shelby Williams, resident.

Residents and business owners alike said they've seen Broken Arrow's growth explode over the last several years.

"All of the new changes on Main Street, especially the speakers on light poles, they're wonderful with the music, they've done well," said Patsy Terry, business owner.

The report shows 92 percent of residents who responded said the city is moving in the right direction, and 98 percent are satisfied with the quality of life in Broken Arrow.

City officials said they're going to take what residents had to say to the streets.

"Next year we're looking at doing a bond package, and so this survey really helps identify the things that we need to focus on for that bond package," said Craig Thurmond, Broken Arrow mayor.

But the survey also showed some things residents thought should be improved, like curbside recycling, widening streets and traffic issues.

"The only thing I hear from customers is they have to walk to get to their destination," Terry said.

Thurmond said the city has already started on some of those issues and will continue. He said residents were receptive to building an innovation district.  

"Students will be able to work for businesses, as an intern in research and development and learn exactly what they need to do for their job," he said.

Nothing is set in stone yet.

The city will host some public meetings in February to ask for additional public input.