OKLAHOMA CITY - The search continues for missing Oklahoma City pilot, Doctor Bill Kinsinger.

His plane disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico Wednesday.

According to the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, Kinsinger's plane an SR 22 - T 
would likely have a parachute and an emergency locator. 

Recent models like Kinsinger's also have a hypoxia safety system - to alert the pilot to a lack of oxygen.

"Turbo-charged airplanes, which I believe this one was, can go higher," said Grayson Ardies, Manager of Airport Development Division for Oklahoma

Aeronautics Division. "Most turbo cirrus aircraft can go higher than just your standard general aviation aircraft because they have that capability."
The aeronautics commission says even after Kinsinger and his plane are found, it could take more than a year to figure out exactly what happened.