TULSA, Oklahoma - Memorial head basketball coach Bobby Allison said, "It's not magic, it's hard work."

That's how one Charger senior made his dreams come true.

David Ihim's journey is a long one and it starts with his parents.

"My parents are Igbo, they're from Nigeria, so we have a cultural value of hard work," Ihim said. 

His story continues at Memorial High School.

"I guess my favorite course right now is AP Calculus. I love math," Ihim said. 

Next summer, his journey will take him to Palo Alto, California.

"Right by Silicone Valley, and all the benefits, it was just a dream school," Ihim said. 

Last month, David was accepted to Stanford. He found out in Memorial's gym but has no record of the moment.

"It was amazing. I was going to record my reaction, but I was like, I'm not going to record myself getting declined or anything like that," he said. 

He need not worry. His High GPA and extracurricular activities got him in.

"It's a lot of time management, dedications," Ihim said. 

Another incredible part of this story that's full of them, is that while doing all of this, David has remained a part of the Charger basketball team. 

Head coach Bobby Allison said David's work ethic, attitude, and success rub off on his teammates every day.

"That's why he's such an integral part of this team. He just brings such an accountability and such a maturity," Allison said. 

"I actually want to give back and influence others that it's possible. It's possible that if you stay consistent and you stay true to yourself, it's possible to achieve anything," Ihim said.