JENKS, Oklahoma -  A Jenks family is starting over, after losing their pets and everything they own to a devastating fire. 

They want their story to serve as a wakeup call and encourage parents to talk to their kids about escape plans. 

The whole house was affected by the fire and the family said they're just thankful they weren't home when it happened.

As the Putman family walks through their home, they search for anything that can be saved. 

Mary and Danny came home from a work event in Oklahoma City Sunday to discover the roof over their head was gone. 

"Literally have nothing," Mary said. 

Their six kids, ranging in ages from four to ten, stayed with family while they were out of town. 

The family said firefighters told them it all started in the garage, right next to their sons' room. 

"By divine intervention or God, it had to have been God, that those boys weren't in that room," Mary said. 

The children are dealing with the loss in their own ways. 

"My son was thinking about his backpack and he was worried about his library book," said Mary.

"Her piano teacher is so kind. She bought her a brand-new piano this morning and brought it to her," Mary said. 

Family pet boxers King and Maggie didn't make it out. 

"We've had them since they were babies. They were my kids' best friends," said Mary. 

The dogs just had a litter of puppies. 
Two are in the hospital now, the rest died. 

Down the street, neighbors are stopping by another family member's home, where donations are piling up.

"It really touched me. That's a neighbor, and I really just want to help," said neighbor Mayra Burke. 

"We just have to get through it. We can do it. We have each other. It could have been so much worse than this," Mary said. 
The family was told the water heater may have something to do with the fire.

We weren't able to confirm that with the fire department. 

You can help support the family at their GoFundMe page.