TULSA, Oklahoma - Firefighters are doing what they can to help people suffering in the cold. 

Crews said there are a lot of folks who don't have heat, electricity, or water.

A lot of those people call 911 often for non-emergencies. 

Firefighters said people are calling 911 as if it's a taxi ride to the hospital.

News On 6 tagged along with the Tulsa Cares Team as they tried to help a homeless couple and a homeless dog out in the cold.

Nick Swainston and the Cares Team are helping a homeless couple living in a tent to stay warm. 

And also near 71st and Highway 169, they're hoping to rescue a dog chained to a tree with no water or food. 

The team bought a generator, food, and a blanket. 

"I expected to see him frozen or near death today," Swainston said. 

They've been busy in the bitter cold, making sure frequent 911 callers are also OK.

"I try to go get some food from the food bank, deliver food. Get them some water, the ones that we know don't have water," Swainston said.  

That way EMSA and the fire department aren't called out. 

"Right now, the guys are running rampant with multiple house fires a shift, multiple wrecks a shift, right now we've probably got four or five crews out on water line breaks," Swainston said. 

Swainston said the homeless man who got frostbite last year, calls 911 quite often but won't go to a shelter.

"They're stuffed full of people who are actually sick. Whether it's mentally or physically and you can get sick like that. You have no control over what you do. And who goes to bed at 4 o’clock in the afternoon? Do you?" said the homeless man.  

The couple did accept warm boots and a little advice before the weather changes. 

"If you're going to stay out here, then get it covered and prepare for the rain," said Swainston. 

Animal control got the dog earlier in the afternoon. 

There are already 15 new people in the Tulsa Cares Program this month. 

Last year they helped 130 frequent 911 callers get the help they really need.