TULSA, Oklahoma - Jury selection is expected to begin Monday in the trial of a man charged in the shooting death of his Tulsa neighbor last year.

In December, a judge ruled 63-year Stanley Majors was competent to stand trial in the death of Khalid Jabara.

The Tulsa County District Attorney's office says on Monday, a judge is going to call 65 potential jurors. Those jurors will then fill out a questionnaire. The DA’s office says they’ll then be released to go home until Tuesday afternoon.

After that, the state and Majors' attorneys will begin questioning those jurors and the DA's office says they wouldn’t be surprised if opening statements don’t begin until the end of the week.

Jabara was killed in August 2016 and his family claims Majors harassed them for years because of their ethnicity. Majors is also charged with a hate crime in Jabara's death.

There have been many twists and turns since the shooting. A judge has recused himself, Majors' attorney has considered the insanity defense and Majors' attorney, chief public defender Rob Nigh, has since passed away.