CHOUTEAU, Oklahoma - Officers search for a man they said escaped from a moving car during a police chase in Rogers County.

Police are still trying to piece together the details of what happened Thursday that left a Chouteau couple shaken.

Christopher Gatsos is in custody and another suspect is still on the run but police have not released their names yet. 

This started around 10:30 a.m. Thursday when a Chouteau woman called police reporting that someone was breaking into her home while she was still inside. 

She was able to tell police the two were in a Toyota Camry.

An officer who was headed to the scene spotted the car and tried to pull it over. 

By the time the chase got to Highway 412, Chouteau police, OHP and deputies from Mayes and Rogers Counties were all involved. 

"Obviously we want to keep everybody safe and you want to maintain a safe distance at the same time during the pursuit. Like I said before it's not real predictable of what the suspect is going to do at that time," said Chouteau Asst. Police Chief Kyle Murray

Police said the passenger rolled out of the car while the driver was speeding down the highway and got away. 

We are told the driver then pulled over and officers took him into custody. Murray later identified him as Christopher Gatsos, 36.

Officers tell me several drivers who saw the chase happening pulled over and tried to help officers take down the suspect who ran away but none of them were successful.