TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police are looking for the driver who crashed into a condo near 61st and Peoria Thursday, then ran away.

Jim Cooper was startled awake at about 2:00 a.m. when police say a white Chevy Tahoe came crashing into his kitchen. His bedroom is the next room over.

"It was an accident. I hate that she tore my things up," Cooper said.

He said, right away he knew what happened.

"I didn't know where they had hit, but I knew what it was. It was a car [that] ran into my house," Cooper said.

Before the driver took off.

Cooper told police he heard an argument between the driver and a man but wasn't able to talk to them.

Despite the big cleanup effort and the hassle ahead, Cooper said he’s not mad and loves living in his neighborhood.

"I'm not mad. I'm upset my stuff got torn up. I had it the way I wanted it and now it's not the way I want it," he said.