GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - A family is clinging to hope, 25 years after a woman disappeared.

A crowd gathered Saturday to remember a woman missing for 25 years.

Her family still has hope they'll find out what happened.

Even after all this time, the family of Tracy Samuels still has no idea what happened to her.

"We were never able to figure out where she went and she was just gone," said Samuels’ daughter Kristina Ritzhaupt

Kristina was 8 years old when Samuels disappeared.

Police found her truck but the case long ago turned cold.

But police still have hope.

"Within the last two weeks, we've talked with some people who are helping us out and leading us hopefully in the right direction," said Tulsa Police Detective Eddie Majors. 

On this 25th anniversary of the disappearance, the family, friends, and families of other people who are missing gathered for a tribute.

There are many people who have a missing loved one and they need to know.

"I'm hoping this stirs some emotion in people and they remember her beauty and her laughter and stirs people to think they need to come forward and do the right thing," said Ritzhaupt.

Buckets of flowers were donated by sympathetic florists. Pictures are a reminder she was a loving mother of two children, married, with lots of friends.

Each person took flowers for a procession to the 21st Street bridge, to mark the anniversary, and make a new plea for information.

"Someone has done something evil and they're getting away with it," said Detective Majors. 

From high above the river, the family tossed flowers over the railing and watched as they slowly washed downstream with a hope that by another anniversary they'll finally have some answers.