TULSA, Oklahoma - TPD arrested a man Saturday afternoon on charges of lewd molestation of a minor.

Police say 19-year-old Darius Burch passed a note to a minor around 4:30 p.m. near the Tulsa City County Library Downtown. 

Reports say the note read, "Come with me to the bathroom and if you behave and keep it a secret and don't tell anybody I promise I will give you a dollar. Please keep this between me and you. I will be waiting over by the window behind you." 

The minor alerted his mother who called security who then called police. 

Police arrived and took Burch into custody. 

Police say after he was read his Miranda rights, he admitted to molesting a 6-year-old girl in Alabama. He told police he has sexual urges he cant control. 

His bond is posted at $50,000.