TULSA, Oklahoma - As phones keep ringing with people hoping to get matched, people are also calling the Humane Society to help.

Donations have been pouring in since Friday when  word got out that the Humane Society took in so many animals at once.

"We're all big animal lovers," said Sandi Shay.  "It just broke our hearts to see what was going on and we wanted to help in some way."

People have been stopping by today with baby blankets that can be washed easily, dog food, cat litter, and other items.

The Humane Society of Tulsa posted on Facebook that it also needs dog beds, rawhides, collars, and monetary donations.

And no surprise - Green Country delivered.  Even kids are making sacrifices.

Shay says, "we decided to forego a birthday party that my grandson was having today and instead used the money to buy things they needed."

Shay says the kids had no idea what they would be doing, but they each got a little bit of spending money and ventured out to the store to stock up.

She says her friends also pitched in with cash for a good cause.