TULSA, Oklahoma - The Reverend Billy Graham passed away Wednesday at the age of 99. He made several stops in Oklahoma and had an impact on many at Oral Roberts University.

A portion of the school's chapel service was dedicated to Billy Graham on the day of his death. Graham spoke at the ORU campus dedication in 1967, and the school said his words continue to be a focus for the university.  

Students watched part of the dedication service during the chapel tribute.

"His exhortation to put God first in all we do still lives on in the hearts of this community," a spokesperson said. "More than 50 years later, ORU continues to take on his challenge to stay true to the founding vision of the university with passion."

ORU President Dr. William M. Wilson echoed the sentiment. He told students and faculty to look at Graham's life as an example of a life well lived.

Wilson said he felt butterflies when he met Graham a few years ago.

"Everybody puts their pants on the same way - we're all human, but I have to admit the moment I was able to be with Billy was very special in my life," Dr. Wilson said.

"I made sure I got a photograph of it. I wanted everybody to know."

ORU Founder Oral Roberts called Graham the number one evangelist in the world and praised him for his generosity. They were friends for many years and spoke and prayed with each other frequently, Wilson said.

In a statement, Dr. Wilson said: “Billy Graham served as a great evangelist, statesman, prophet, teacher, Godly example, friend to us all (including Presidents), father, husband, educator, an icon of a generation, and a champion of spiritual integrity."

“On behalf of the ORU board of Trustees, students, faculty and staff we are praying for the Graham family and are thankful for the shared legacy of Billy Graham.”

ORU provided the video of Graham's speech in 1967. Watch it below or by clicking on this link.