TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Public Schools reached a "resignation agreement" with a teacher who arrested last fall for pointing a gun at a neighbor.

Tulsa County deputies arrested Springdale Elementary music teacher Paula Flood after 911 calls about a woman in the street pointing a gun.

It happened near Catoosa September 9, 2017.

An arrest report states Flood told deputies "the man was screaming at me, so I did point the gun at him" and she was "going to shoot the gun at him but it was too far away."

The report states surveillance cameras captured Flood pointing the weapon at the man. Deputies say they recovered a loaded .40 caliber handgun from Flood.

In late January, prosecutors asked for the case against her to be dismissed in what the DA's office called 'the best interest of justice'.

Tuesday, the Tulsa School Board approved a deal that pays the teacher through the end of May - in exchange for an irrevocable resignation.

The resignation agreement includes terms that have TPS only providing dates of employment and salary for anyone inquiring about her work history.

News On 6 called Flood's attorney for comment and he has not responded.