TULSA, Oklahoma - A traveling nurse who came to Tulsa to help treat flu patients, just learned she's getting her stolen truck back but everything inside it is still missing.

Jessica Brewer is a respiratory therapist. She came from Montana to Tulsa because Hillcrest needed help handling their flu patients.

She had only been in town 3 days when everything she owned was stolen from her driveway near 31st and Yale.

A pile of beads, the clothes on her back, and her 10 year old pup Dingo are the only things Jessica Brewer has now from home.

"I woke up Sunday. I knew my truck was out there full of my stuff but instead of unloading it I was just sort of exhausted after the thousand-mile trek here," said Brewer.

Brewer traveled to Tulsa to help Hillcrest Medical Center with patients during flu season.

"I was sitting up in Montana and working for a hospital up there and I just sort of felt compelled to help," she said.

So, she packed her truck full of her belongings and hit the road.

"I put everything I owned in the pickup and then there was things that didn't make sense to have here just like objects of comfort," Brewer said.

Like her late father's hunting knife and binoculars items that reminded her of home.

Brewer woke up early Monday morning for her first day on the job, braided her hair, even took a selfie to send back home to her friends and family

"I got my little bag on and walk outside and my truck with everything that is precious to me in this world is gone," she said.

Police found Brewers stolen truck but she said everything inside it is gone.

She's thankful police got her truck back. Now Brewer is hoping for a miracle to bring a few of the items inside back too.

"The type of things that somebody that would take something like that would just chuck to the side of the road because they don't have any value. Those were the things that my heart sank to the bottom of the ocean over," she said.