CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Claremore Police Department gets reports a couple of times a month of people trying to use counterfeit money, but the report on Sunday was unusual.

Someone tried to use bogus cash at a Claremore Kum & Go on Sunday, but the clerk recognized the money as fake and called police.

The denomination alone raised suspicions.

"At least in our experience, in Claremore, we commonly see counterfeit money, but not in $100 denomination,"said Detective John Singer.  "It's usually a $20 or $10, we don't see a lot of counterfeit hundreds."

Detective Singer said they identified one person with the money, but don't believe he produced it - simply passed it on.

"The only person we've identified as having passed counterfeit claimed he got the money through a legitimate financial transaction and we can't prove different at this point," stated Detective Singer.

In another case, at another Kum & Go, police say another unusual $100 counterfeit bill showed up in a bank deposit.

The quality was good enough to get through one set of hands before it was caught.

Detective Singer says "the process that every retailer has in place that's so frustrating for consumers, it works and it would have worked in this case if the clerk had immediately detected counterfeit."

The Secret Service is now handling the case.

No arrests have been made.