WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A 15-year-old Okay student is in custody after making a threat Wednesday on Snapchat, Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said.

The social media threat was investigated February 28 by the WCSO after Okay school officials called in the "perceived threat." 

Deputies investigated two screenshots of Snapchat photos handed over to them from school officials.  Deputies said the photos had been sent by a 15-year-old student and showed a black rifle and scope in the student's bedroom with the words: "Whoa ready for me to come back to school tomorrow? Slide up." 

That 15-year-old student who sent the Snap had been on a 19-day suspension for bringing a Taser and a knife to school. 

The student was scheduled to return back to school on March 1st. 

The teen was taken into emergency custody on March 1st and deputies executed a search warrant on his home, WCSO said. The teen told investigators that he'd borrowed the rifle from a friend but refused to state who that friend was. Deputies didn't locate any weapons during the search. The teen went before a

Wagoner County district judge on Thursday and the judge ordered the teen to remain in custody. 

During its investigation, WCSO investigators learned the student had several criminal reports documented, and one of the reports was a 2016 incident where the student brought a knife to school and threatened another student. 

After learning about the February 28 threat, Sheriff Chris Elliott organized a safety plan with Okay School officials. Elliott also visited with nearby Porter school officials, and deputies were assigned to Okay and Porter schools to maintain the safety of all staff and students. 

"Every student, every school administrator, every teacher deserves to be safe in their school. And we are going to be working with those schools and those administrations to do what we can as a team to make them safe," Elliott said.