OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Two Oklahoma churches are helping an Oklahoma City family.

Their daughter has been at the hospital for several months, but now is making a miraculous recovery at The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital.
Sophia wants to show the world that she's making strides.

And wherever she goes, even with no music, she feels the beat. 

Sophia is re-learning the basics, but it's no surprise how far she's come in rehab. 

Her parents said she's six years old, but Sophia was in a coma for three weeks and missed her birthday. 

“For the longest time, she wouldn't accept that she was even six years old. She just kept saying she's five. She's five,” said Sophia’s mom Jaimie Weihermueller.

It all started in November.

Sophia had a brain bleed and doctors found out she was born with a vessel malformation. 

“She had brain surgery that day and two days later, she ended up having a stroke,” Weihermueller said. 

So, her left side is still weak but she's giving it her all. 

“There were about 10 days there where we didn’t know if her brain would swell and crush her brain stem. It was just complete terror and just day to day not knowing what was going to come,” Weihermueller said.  

At her young age, Sophia doesn't really understand what happened. 

What's important is she's feeling better.  

Sophia has a whole group rooting her on.

On Saturday, Cherokee Hills and Putnam City Baptist Church are putting together a big event to help the family with medical bills. 

Her supporters know with every activity and every therapy session, this little girl is getting stronger.