MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - One man is dead after a fire near Murphy in Mayes County.

Charred debris is all that's left of a mobile home in Mayes County where a man was found dead inside.

Carolyn Schaffer lives across the street and says her grandson saw the fire last night and called 911.

“When they looked out the window it wasn't too terribly bad, but by the time they got outside to see, it had really, it was gone,” Schaffer recalled. “Basically, it just went up pretty fast he said."

Investigators with the Mayes County Sheriff's Office and the State Fire Marshals are still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

They're still talking with witnesses and trying to figure out who all lived at the home.

They say it's too early to say if the fire is considered suspicious or not.

"As any scene like this, it's a sad day when somebody loses their life no matter what kind of situation it is,” said Under Sheriff Tim Thompson.

Neighbors say whatever caused the fire was made worse by strong winds.

“The winds were terrible last night,” said Schaffer. “We're so blessed that it didn't get on the ground and come across the road."

Investigators say the body has been sent to the medical examiner to be identified.