SAPULPA, Oklahoma - A Green Country veteran is back on his feet thanks to a group of people who stepped in to help. 

The last few months have been hard on Sergeant Aaron Eubanks and his family but thanks to Soldier's Wish, things are turning around. 

"I turned to my wife, I said, where is my truck? She said, what are you talking about? I said, it's gone," said Eubanks. 

The year started off on the wrong foot for Aaron Eubanks and his family when someone stole his welding truck with all of his equipment inside.

"That's a showstopper. If you don't have a rig if you don't have a welding machine, a truck, how you gonna get to the job," said Eubanks. 

Eubanks had only been back home a little over a year when it happened. He served in the Army for 8 years before that. 

"Original truck was a 97 Dodge Cummins. Everything in it was put in by my father," he said. 

Eubanks has been sharing a car with his pregnant wife and their 3 small children for the last several months. 

Once volunteers at Soldier's Wish heard Aaron's story they jumped into action. 

"They called me, hey, what can we do for you," Eubanks said. 

Soldier's Wish partnered with donors and a Sapulpa Subway to raise money. 

"I just can't say enough about Subway. We are here at the store. This is Mike's store, Mike raises more money than any other Subway in Oklahoma," said Mark Ochsenbein with Soldier’s Wish. 

Within months, the crew gave Aaron the keys to a top of the line truck

"There are so many veterans out there that are in need. It breaks my heart to see what these men and women are going through after putting their life on hold and going and serving our country," said Ochsenbein. 

"It means they don't have to struggle I mean we are still living until I finish school living paycheck to paycheck," Eubanks said, "I can go to work, I can go out there and weld."

Eubanks is set to graduate from welding school next month and thanks to this donation he will be ready to go.