ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Some Green Country High school students say they're fighting for their right to show off their patriotism.

They said school leaders told them they could be suspended for flying big American flags on their cars.

One Claremore Sequoyah student said he was threatened with suspension when he drove to school with the American flag on the back of his car. The superintendent said that's not true at all.

"Worth it, totally worth it for the country. Worth it for our flag," said Claremore Sequoyah students Carl Marsh and Kennith Hoover. 

Hoover and Marsh said they're not worried about backlash for proudly displaying the American flag on school grounds.

"This is America, and we should be allowed to fly the flag. As long as we're doing it respectfully, you can't tell somebody they can't fly the American flag," said Hoover. 

Hoover said this all started when a friend of his flew the flag on his car Thursday. 

"They didn't say he was doing it wrong, they just said it's a distraction to other drivers, it's a distraction to students," said Hoover. 

So, on Friday, Hoover and several other students followed suit. They said the school wasn't happy about it.

"We mean no disrespect to the flag or anybody else, but when you tell me I can't fly my flag, that's when I have a problem," Hoover said. 

Superintendent Terry Saul said the school encourages students to show their patriotism but they want them to do it in a respectful way.

"Our kids are patriotic and we're proud of that," Saul said, "we want our kids just to stay within the guidelines."

He said they've come to a resolution but didn't elaborate on exactly what that resolution is.

"I think we're in a great place now, it's a win-win," Saul said, "what we've talked to our students about is appropriately displaying the flag."

"They told everybody we can fly the flag now as long as we're doing it the correct way," Hoover said.