TULSA, Oklahoma - Suburban Houston authorities say a former physician wanted for taking off his clothes in several stores has been arrested in Tulsa.

Montgomery County officials say Tulsa Police notified them that 56-year-old Steven Brazeal is in custody.  According to the Tulsa County jail, Brazeal was arrested Saturday evening in Tulsa.

Brazeal is identified as a registered lifetime sex offender in Oklahoma with a history of indecent exposure.  Records also show he's a former physician whose license was revoked in 2006.

He'd been wanted in and around The Woodlands, a north Houston suburb, on three arrest warrants for being naked at several businesses.

Tulsa Police initially arrested Brazeal on May 23 for failing to register as a sex offender but he posted bond.

Montgomery County sheriff's deputies say Brazeal, who is being held without bond, is now awaiting extradition to Texas.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.