TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are still investigating the shooting at the Walgreens and trying to determine if the shooting was justified. But no matter what happens, instructors here say there are lessons to be learned.

Concealed Carry Instructor Robert Jerome knows the clerk who used his gun at a Tulsa Walgreens earlier this week is probably going through a lot.

"When you pull your gun and you use it, that's a life-altering moment," Jerome said.

Police are still trying to determine if the clerk was justified when he shot and killed William Hurley on Wednesday and hit two bystanders. Investigators say Hurley pulled a gun on the clerk during an argument, before he was shot, but the clerk was not arrested.

"He could face nothing criminally, but he certainly could face everything from a misdemeanor to a felony," said Criminal Defense Attorney Shannon McMurray.

And even if he isn't charged, Jerome says it'll still cost the clerk money.

"They're life-changing events, but they can also be financially devastating," said Robert Jerome, concealed carry instructor.

Jerome says insurance umbrella policies could cover some of the cost, but there are other options for those with a concealed carry license - companies that offer legal protection.

"What these products do is you pay them so much a month, or so much a year, and they'll provide you legal protection up to so much amount of money," he said.

Jerome says he recommends them during his concealed carry classes because even a justified shooting can cost you more than $1 million. And he recommends finding a company that offers no financial caps and local attorneys.

Jerome also said good firearm training can often prevent tragedies.

"Sometimes we can't avoid them, but if we can, that's the best bet," he said.

Police have not yet released the name of that clerk.