The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said Illegal dumping is a continuing problem they see throughout the county.

One Sperry woman said she's started taking matters literally into her own hands.

Tamera Tumleson is on a mission. And that woman told News On 6, she's been picking up trash every week, frustrated that people keep leaving it on the side of the road.

The Sheriff's Office said, it is illegal and could land you in jail.

"I literally got tired of looking at all over the roads and finding it all in the ditches I got tired of looking at just junk heaped up everywhere" said Tumleson.

Her mission? To clean up the trash, she said is being carelessly dumped in her Sperry neighborhood.

"I'm just frustrated that people don't take the time to think for a least a second that this land is ours, and that we're destroying it" said Tumleson.

Tumleson said she's started to pick up the trash herself. She showed us two barrels worth of trash.

"I've been picking up trash every week, I come out and I try to pick up at least a 33 gallon trash sack of trash today I ended up picking up 5" said Tumleson.

From beer bottles to plastic, card board boxes to cans, trash is not only an eye sore, dumping it where you're not supposed to is also illegal.

"Illegal dumping is a problem that we see persistently throughout the county…the penalties can be up to $1000 and up to a year in jail" said Dep. Justin Green of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Which is why the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office in the past has tried to catch those suspected of dumping illegally, by ramping up patrols and even using game cameras. Tumleson said if everyone pitched in, it could make a world of difference.

"Don't throw your trash out because it's up to everyone else to clean up after you apparently and honestly if everyone would just pick up one trash bag a week of trash…this could be a much cleaner state" said Tumleson.

If you see someone dumping trash illegally call the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office at 918-596-5600.