Girlfriend Speaks Out About Philip Wood, Malaysia Plane Disappearance

Monday, March 10th 2014, 11:52 pm
By: News 9

On Monday, investigators said a giant oil slick and piece of debris in the South China Sea were not clues in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. The questions and misery are growing for Philip Wood's loved ones.

"I want some answers, but I also don't want an answer, because an answer is the end, right?" said Sarah Bajc, Philip Wood's girlfriend.

Bajc said Wood has been working in Beijing. She said he was running late and almost missed flight 370.

No distress signals were sent from the plane, but radar indicates the plane may have turned back before losing contact with air traffic control.

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"My son had to tell me to turn my computer off," said Bajc. "He put me on a schedule, you know? You can only look at the news so often - it makes you crazy!"

The couple was planning to relocate to Malaysia. Movers were scheduled to come hours after his flight was set to land in Beijing.

Bajc wonders how fate could have allowed him to come into her life only to take him away again.

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"Until there's proof that Philip is dead, I refuse to believe it," said Bajc. "If there's anybody that could survive something like this, it's him. I mean, he's such a fighter and he has so much to live for."

With no answers, Bajc said she's just clinging to hope.

Two passengers traveling on stolen passports, both purchased from the same travel agent in Thailand, are now a key focus of the investigation.