Tulsa Mother Upset After Drugs Handed Out At Son's School

Monday, November 13th 2017, 10:51 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Mary Josephson says she's frustrated and scared after learning that a Memorial Junior High School student gave out a drug to several people last week.

Josephson’s son, who goes to Memorial Junior High, told her that it was a chaotic scene.

"People were throwing up, some people were high and some people were like zombies,” said Josephson.

Josephson says she believes the district should've notified all parents of students at the school.

"What if my son has taken this, you know, would have taken this and he has some kind of allergic reaction, you know, and I bring him home and he goes to sleep and he doesn't wake up? It’s very scary,” she said.

In a statement to News On 6, the TPS spokeswomen said, in part: "A student at Memorial Junior High School gave six peers a prescription anti-anxiety drug, and one of those students went home sick. The team at Memorial Junior High School notified the parents and guardians of the students involved and have assigned out appropriate behavioral interventions.”

Josephson says as a parent she wants to know if anyone is passing out drugs even though she's already discussed the impact of drugs with her son.

"Whatever happens, you come, you tell me everything,” she said. “That's why he got in the car and immediately told me.”

Josephson understands kids make mistakes and is thankful no one died but believes it is an important lesson for all.

"I hope it's a wakeup call,” she stated. “I hope it's a wakeup call.”