Oklahoma Man Builds Dream Home On Personal Pond

Thursday, January 22nd 2015, 8:03 pm
By: News On 6

Many people have a perfect image of their dream home, an image so vivid they can see it when they close their eyes.

One Oklahoma man is making his vision a reality by building his dream house in Skiatook. One part of the man's vision is a trap door in the living room that lets him fish whenever he wants.

Folks are fascinated by the house Paul Phillips is building. The process started because of fishing.

"I love to fish, I fish every day," Phillips said.

He was fishing at Lake Oologah when a guy told him he couldn't fish where he was; that made him angry.

"One of these days I'll have a place of my own where nobody can tell me I can't fish there," Phillips said.

This house is that place; but he needed a place to put the fish.

"I rented me a dozer and dug me a pond," said Phillips.

They started building the house in September and he said neighbors are as excited as he is.

"The lady next door, she just loves to fish, and this lady here, she can't wait 'til spring to get here so she can hear the frogs a hollerin'," Phillips said.

Carpenter Randy Aschlerman said he's never built anything like this before, but it's kind of fun.

There's plenty of room to fish off the porch on three sides - the house is 1,850 square feet – but he also has a secret fishing hole in the living room.

“Right where you're standing there'll be a 4x4 foot hole. Be able to sit here in the rockin' chair,” Phillips said.

He thinks one more really good rain will fill the pond.

Phillips said the house should be ready to move into in about a month.