Homeless Tulsa Dogs Headed To Colorado To Be Adopted

Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 8:12 am
By: News On 6

Seventy homeless dogs and puppies are on their way from Tulsa to Boulder, Colorado Tuesday, where they will be matched up with some dog owners.

The Humane Society of Tulsa sent the pets on their way around 5 a.m. from a staging area at 121st Street South and 33rd West Avenue. The puppies and adult dogs will ride the PetSmart Rescue Waggin' to new homes.

"These 70 dogs are really lucky," said Gina Gardner. "They get to go, but so many more are being euthanized because there aren't enough homes for them."

Gardner said Colorado does not have the pet overpopulation problem that we have in Tulsa, and it's easier for dogs to get adopted there.

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"What makes Colorado so attractive is that they have very strict spay and neuter laws and spay and neuter enforcement," she said. "So, you don't have the overabundance of puppies being born and the overwhelming number of homeless animals.

The program is funded by PetSmart Charities. Tulsa has been involved in the program since 2010. In 2011, they transferred more animals in one year than any other transfer program in the country - a total of 642 dogs.

The Humane Society of Tulsa broke a new record with the 70 dogs Tuesday - the largest number ever transferred at one time.