1. Only use your screenname online. Don't give out your name (first or last), the name of your school, the name of your sports team, or your phone number.

2. Do not send a picture of yourself, your home or your family to anyone without your parent's permission.

3. If someone starts talking about sex, tell a parent and put a block on that person's screenname.

4. Never meet someone in person that you met on line, without a parent's permission and a parent being present.

5. Remember, people may not be who they say they are online. They could be much older and live much closer than they claim.

6. Don't do anything online you wouldn't do in real life, because nothing you email or instant message is completely private.

7. Don't use the web to criticize or make fun of others.

8. Realize predators can be in places that seem safe, Christian chatrooms, places where you play games, like pool online.

9. Never give your password to anyone outside your immediate family.

10. Parents should google their child's name to see what information comes up. They should also regularly check their child's page on sites like myspace.