Two robbery suspects hit the jackpot again after robbing a woman leaving a Tulsa area casino. Early Thursday morning, the suspects waited until the woman left the parking lot, then ran her off the road and robbed her.

6 in the Morning reporter Omar Villafranca says this is the second time in a month that crooks have robbed someone leaving the Osage Nation casino.

A little after midnight, a woman cashed in her winnings at the casino and left. She walked to the parking lot and put the money in an envelope in the trunk of her car. A few blocks down the road, two black men in a blue late model pick-up truck ran her off the road and walked up to her car.

One suspect pistol whipped her and demanded her money. They then took off southbound on the Tisdale Expressway. Tulsa Police believe the woman was being followed. Tulsa Police Sgt Jacob Thompson, Tulsa Police:" The victim put the money in her trunk while she was at the casino parking lot and the suspects apparently saw her do that in the parking lot."

The woman was treated for her injuries and will be fine. Tulsa Police are reviewing casino surveillance footage to look for clues.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a woman walking home from the Osage casino was approached by two men in a Chevy Cavalier. They pulled up next to her, told her they knew she had money and took it from her.

Police don't believe these two cases are related.

If you might have seen or know anything, you can call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS. Remember, you can remain anonymous.