LAS VEGAS (AP) _ A Panamanian accused of planting a bomb that killed his ex-girfriend's new romantic interest outside a Las Vegas Strip resort pleaded guilty Monday to having false identification.

A justice of the peace sentenced Omar Rueda-Denvers to 10 days in jail on the misdemeanor charge, ensuring that he would remain jailed pending an initial appearance Tuesday on murder and attempted murder charges. He could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

Willebaldo Dorantes Antonio, a 24-year-old worker at a hot dog stand inside the Luxor hotel-casino, died of head injuries last week about two hours after trying to pick up a small motion-activated bomb that had been left on his car, authorities said.

Police said in an arrest report that Dorantes Antonio, of Mexico, was dating a co-worker from Guatemala who investigators said was the ex-girlfriend of Rueda-Denvers and the mother of the Panamanian's child. All three adults were illegal immigrants, authorities said.

Rueda-Denvers did not have a lawyer during Monday's hearing. He spoke only to acknowledge through a Spanish-language translator that he understood the charge against him, and to plead guilty.

Police had given Rueda-Denvers' age as 32 but a prosecutor said Rueda-Denvers told authorities he was 31.

Police arrested Rueda-Denvers on Friday along with a 27-year-old Nicaraguan construction worker, Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, whom they described as an associate in the bombing plot. Las Vegas police said Monday that they had misspelled Duarte-Herrera's names in earlier statements.

The metal pipe bomb was hidden in a plastic foam cup that was partially filled with a spray foam insulation, police said. The bomb contained an explosive powder and a 9-volt battery.

Police said they later found spray insulation foam and items with residue that might be consistent with the bomb when they searched Duarte-Herrera's residence.

Duarte Herrera was being held on a charge of being an alien in possession of a firearm but was expected to face other charges, authorities said. No court date had been set, and it was not clear whether he had an attorney.