(Los Angeles-AP) -- Here is the transcript of a 9-1-1 call from

William Shatner the night he found his wife's body in their

swimming pool:

Shatner: "Oh my God!"

Dispatcher: "What's your problem there, sir?"

Shatner: "My wife's at the bottom of the pool."

Dispatcher: "OK, did you get her out of the pool yet, sir?"

Shatner: "No, not yet."

Dispatcher: "I want you to take her out of the pool right


Shatner: "She's at the very deep end (unintelligible)."

Dispatcher: "OK, sir. If you can, grab something and get her

out of the pool. Sir. Sir. Right away, get your wife out of the


Shatner: "OK."

Dispatcher: "Don't hang up the phone.

(Shatner hangs up.)