OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- AmeriVision Communications Inc. will move

its customer service jobs in mid-February to an expanded call

center in Tahlequah because of increasing expenses and a tightening

labor pool in Oklahoma City.

"We've been looking around," said Kerry Smith, chief

technology officer for the long-distance telephone and Internet

service provider. "We gave Oklahoma City a real opportunity, but

it's just becoming such a competitive landscape for these kinds of

resources in Oklahoma City."

Smith said it was also not cost effective to expand in Oklahoma

City. Smith said the company found its answer in rural Tahlequah.

AmeriVision already operates a 75-job call center in Tahlequah. The

call center is taking over a vacant, former Wal-Mart store.

The expansion of the LifeLine Communications Inc. center will

create as many as 300 jobs. Smith said there is a large labor based

to draw from in Tahlequah. A job fair is being planned for


Smith said the move early next year will leave behind 50 to 75

headquarters jobs in Oklahoma City.