TULSA, OK -- Monday is the first day on the job for Tulsa's interim police chief. Chuck Jordan took command from outgoing chief Ron Palmer over the weekend.

Jordan was sworn in on Friday, about an hour after the mayor accepted Palmer's resignation. 

Jordan says he doesn't initially see crime getting worse, even with layoffs looming.

"For about six months to a year, I don't think we'll see a tremendous increase in crimes. We're going to provide still all the call taking, the 911 services. What's going to be a problem is the investigated sufferer, you know, the property crimes particularly. We got to put people on the streets somehow and if we have to bring them from investigations, bring them from other areas, some services this community is used to, to be honest with you, not going to be able to be there," said Chuck Jordan, Interim Police Chief.

Chuck Jordan is a former Tulsa police officer who is now a captain with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. He took a leave of absence to become Tulsa's interim chief.