By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- The need for Help in Haiti is overwhelming, and the upcoming Leake Car Auction in Oklahoma City will provide an opportunity to get involved in a unique way.

A one-of-a-kind vehicle will be on the block covered with celebrity autographs, and you could take it home.

The misery in Haiti continues. Thoughts are dead. Thousands more are homeless, and the survivors need so much help.

Oklahomans, Texans and people in the Midwest - they're great supporters of people in need," said Nancy Sevenoaks.

That's why Tulsa's Leake Auction Company was selected to auction off a very special car. They'll sell it Saturday February 20 at their Collector car auction in Oklahoma City.

This is the car it's a Chrysler 300 dubbed the "300 Haiti." It was donated by the CEO of Chrysler and signed by celebrities attending the Golden Globe Awards last month.

"They want to sell it and have all the proceeds go to the Red Cross charity for Haiti relief," Sevenoaks said.

The Leake Auction Company has been selling cars at auction for more than 40 years, and they've sold vehicles for charity before too. They sold a motorcycle about five years ago for charity, and it went for $1 million.

No one knows what this car will bring. That's the beauty of auctions- it's kind of a mystery. The car will be in Oklahoma City next week. It has one more stop to make to see Oprah in Chicago on Friday.

"She's signing the car, it's really exciting," Sevenoaks said.

The Hollywood Foreign Press, Dick Clark Productions, the group Stars for a Cause, and of course Chrysler participated in this project.

Bidders can join in - in person, on the Internet or by telephone. Maybe someone here will get a really cool car, and the 150 or so celebrity autographs that come along with it.

Oprah and two guest celebrities will autograph the Chrysler 300 during her program on Friday. The president of the Leake Auction Company will be on the show well.