TULSA, OK -- Hispanic leaders are trying to raise awareness about a bill making its way through the state legislature. 

House Bill 3381 passed the house last week and will be presented to the Senate this week. It would require Oklahoma schools to check the citizenship of all incoming students. 

The Hispanic community says it's just the beginning of what could become a punishment for children.

"Bad things like this have led to worse things. With all due respect to the Holocaust and everything else, Hitler's final solution started with a registration of anyone that was of the Jewish faith. That's how it started and that's how this is starting now," said Ed Martinez, Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The group admits it doesn't think this bill will get to that point, but wants taxpayers to be informed and urges them to contact their state lawmakers.

Supporters say it would give leaders accurate information on how much it costs to educate illegal immigrants.