By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

IRAQ [1:34 a.m.] -- Hi everyone. The storm has passed and we are set to be picked up by our embed unit in 90 minutes.

We will fly missions today, which include picking up a Major and taking him someplace.

We'll be at base all day tomorrow then fly again on Friday.

We're not supposed to send pictures until we begin our embed process, so can't show you what it's like here at the Ali al-Saleem air base.

It's also called LSA or Living Services Area. This is a central point where everyone comes to then goes out to their destination, whether they're headed to R&R or back from it or to their unit for the first time or a civilian contractor headed to a job or like us, the media.

The big talk is that Dan Rather and four members of a crew were here recently.

We are staying in tents that hold about 12 people.

The latrines are 65 steps away from my tent.

Imagine tents covering an entire neighborhood.

Photojournalist Oscar Pea is about three "streets" away from my tent. I'm in Q-3, he's in O-5.

There is a dining hall, but most of the folks prefer to eat at the Pizza Hut, McDonalds or KFC since they'll be eating military food at their base.

There is constant activity, flights coming and going, loudspeaker announcements, people packing, leaving and arriving all day, 24 hours.

We are anxious to get with our Oklahomans and will try to send you some pictures on Friday when we come back to LSA.

It will easily hit 100 degrees today and the mosquitoes are even bigger here than at home!