TULSA, OK -- The Tulsa Zoo is announcing changes for holding a private event on their premises. There is a new rental space available, a new train to transport guests, camel tours and a rock wall for climbing.

The Zoo can host over 1,000 people at its venues and outdoor spaces with both daytime and evening accommodations available.

"It's the most unique setting in Tulsa," said Jesalyn Pettigrew of Tulsa Zoo Friends. "We have excellent catering services and food, on-site entertainment and a variety of themes available.

Themed events include tropical, high season or nautical and safari. Rental space prices range from $125 for the Vet Hospital Conference Room to $1,000 for the American Airlines tent pad (tent not included).

General admission prices for the Tulsa Zoo are $4 for children; $6 for seniors and $8 for adults.