Jon Jordan, News 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- A Noble man spoke out for the first time about his wife and three-year-old son who were found shot to death inside their home Thursday.

"It's been the worst couple of days of my life, not being able to see my wife and three-year-old son," said Tim Foster.

Fosters' wife, 41-year-old Wendy Lee Foster and son Tripp were both found dead inside their Noble home. Both bodies were discovered by Fosters' 13-year-old son.

"I was very proud of him for handling it the way he did," Foster said.

But the truth Foster said is his two boys have struggled since losing both their mother and brother. Not making it any easier he said are news reports suggesting what happened was a case of murder suicide.

"If you are going to report on something, report the facts, and we don't know all the facts yet. All this is, is guessing," said Foster.

Earlier in the week Captain Tom Easley with the Norman police department, the agency heading the investigation, said they are handling the case as if it were homicide but admit they are not looking for any suspects.

"We are not drawing any conclusions. Right now we are keeping our mind open and we are approaching this very objectively," said Easley.

Still Foster said there are things police aren't going public with, but when they do he said it will prove his wife didn't kill their child or herself.

"I know my wife, I know how we loved our baby boy and I know how she loved [our two other boys], she would never do that," said Foster.

Foster said his only hope now is the public will refrain from drawing their own conclusion until Norman police are able to full investigate what happened.

"Everyone has got to understand I've got two boys I've got to take care of. I might be strong as a rock but these guys right here are young, they don't deserve it," Foster said.

Foster admits he and his wife struggled financially earlier in the year after he lost his job, but said financially things were getting better after he found a new job. Foster said he is currently seeking counseling for his two boys.